The Alzheimer Research Center

Our Mission

The Alzheimer Research Center (ARC) is a young and dynamic company, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We provide clinical trial services, mainly to pharmaceutical companies, with a strong focus on treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The ARC aims to provide a complete service package, including patient recruitment, neuropsychological assessment, treatment, and patient monitoring. Also, we provide a range of diagnostic services, comprising MRI and PET scanning, biomarker assessment, and genetic testing.

We have an enthusiastic and highly qualified team of health-care professionals, including, neurologists, clinical trial nurses, neuropsychologists, and laboratory experts.

The ARC is located in the direct vicinity of the VU University Medical Center, and has a close collaboration with its department of Neurology and the VUmc Alzheimer Center, headed by prof. dr. Philip Scheltens.

Partner of Alzheimer Center VUmc